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Digital Marketing

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The Unique Culture marketing campaign serves a larger digital strategy, and our strategy serves your business goal. To ensure what we deliver aligns with what you need, The Unique Culture’s Google Analytics-certified content strategists work closely with your marketing team and other stakeholders to understand your industry, your organisation and your goals. We build a partnership that is focused on getting results:


Brand awareness


Lead generation


Sales Enablement


Conversion marketing


Website performance



Starts From

GBP 990/mo
INR 9000/mo


Starts From

GBP 75/mo
INR 7500/mo


Starts From

GBP 120/mo
INR 7500/mo


Starts From

GBP 5/hour
INR 500/hour


Starts From

GBP 100
INR 500

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    Introduction to Digital Marketing

    Module Info & Overview

    What’s it all about? How do you reach customers? How can traditional and digital media work together? What’s the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

    This module takes you through the basics, keeping things clear and actionable.

    • Principles of Digital Marketing
    • Digital Research
    • Developing Objectives
    • Cultural Research
    • Connecting with the Customer

    Content Marketing

    Module Info & Overview

    This module teaches you how to create content that speaks to people, at the right time and via the right channels. Understand what works for you by tracking and measuring performance.

    • Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy
    • Developing a Content Marketing Plan
    • Publishing and Distributing Content
    • Using Content Research to Find Opportunities
    • Creating and Curating Content
    • Metrics and Performance

    Social Media Marketing

    Module Info & Overview

    Bring your brand story to life on all the right platforms. Learn how to grow and engage a community around your offering. Define your audience and give them more to care about. There is so much to ‘like’.

    • Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing
    • Growing and Engaging an Audience
    • Developing Data-Driven Audience and Campaign Insights
    • Setting up a Social Media Experience for a Business
    • Creating and Optimising Social Media Campaigns

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Module Info & Overview

    Search Engine Optimisation is all about getting on that first Google page, staying top of the list and top of mind. Develop keyword strategies, understand the kind of content that attracts users, optimise rankings and then convert visitors to customers.

    • SEO Fundamentals
    • Keywords and SEO Content Plan
    • Measuring SEO Performance
    • Aligning SEO and Business Objectives
    • Optimise Organic Search Ranking

    Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads

    Module Info & Overview

    Develop Pay-Per Click skills using Google Ads, bid auctions and build your targeting strategy. Optimise campaigns, track conversions, and measure your ROI.

    • Fundamentals of Paid Search
      Search Campaign Management
      Paid Search Campaign Measurement
      Paid Search Campaign Creation with Google Ads

    Display and Video Advertising

    Module Info & Overview

    Learn how to set up, manage and optimise your YouTube channel. Target, test and develop your use of the Google Display Network and get creative with visual formats.

    • Fundamentals of Display and Video Advertising
    • Google Display Network and Video Ad Formats
    • Creating and Managing a YouTube Channel
    • Creating Display and Video Campaigns
    • Targeting Display and Video Campaigns
    • Measurement and Optimisation

    Email Marketing

    Module Info & Overview

    Your email list is one of your most powerful assets. Learn how to manage and segment your data, test headlines and maximise open rates and ROI. We also cover marketing automation and the importance of data management regulations.

    • Email Marketing Fundamentals
    • Email Design
    • Testing and Optimising an Email Campaign
    • Tools and Strategy
    • Creating an Effective Email Campaign
    • Marketing Automation

    Website Optimisation

    Module Info & Overview

    What makes a winning website? This module gives you the skills to create a simple, well-designed, optimised WordPress site that not only looks good but also delivers for your business.

    • Web Design and Website Optimisation
    • Design Principles and Website Copy
    • Publishing a Basic Website
    • User-Centered Design and Website Optimisation
    • Website Metrics and Developing Insight

    Analytics with Google Analytics

    Module Info & Overview

    This module helps you unleash the capability of your data. Discover what your customer wants, likes, needs and does. Understand how they use your website, set up goals and monitor conversions.

    • Web Analytics Fundamentals
    • Creating and Configuring a Google Analytics Account
    • Monitoring Campaigns with Google Analytics Reports
    • Setting Goals with Google Analytics
    • Analysing and Recording Google Analytics Data

    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Module Info & Overview

    Underneath your digital activity, you need solid objectives. This module helps you to build a clear vision of your strategy, and makes it actionable with budget, channel and media plans, KPIs and more.

    • Digital Strategy Fundamentals
    • Setting Strategy Objectives and KPIs
    • Digital Strategy Research
    • Developing a Creative Strategy
    • Executing a Digital Marketing Strategy
    • Communicating a Digital Marketing Strategy

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